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Friday, 18 December 2015

Star trek: Federation's Fall

The funny thing about star trek was it revealed that many of the member world's and cultures were precisely not what I would call federation material. Some enslaved part of their own populace and yet that was considered who they were, and kirk and picard allowed those cultures to continue as federation members.
So a series that deals with inequality and striving to build something better seems counter to the tolerance of inequality.
So let's see a series with a protagonist who must deal with the inequality, and yet have tolerance of inequality imposed on him: let's have a young Benjamin Sisko.

Chadwick Boseman seems to have that young Ben Sisko quality. So we can have a series about a difficult personality rising through the ranks, fighting inequality and the Federation's tolerance for it in its member worlds.

And while it would be difficult to sustain a single character arc development through eighty plus episodes, it's something that might be important enough to undertake.

Is the federation's tolerance of inequality in the guise of tolerance of diversity something that will destroy it from within? Only Sisko's Rise can give us those answers.

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