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Friday, 13 July 2018

Meeting People: The Teuta

Teuta (Tku-kutar)

We can consider the kutar suffix to be a teuta sub-group.

Family names

Hikita                     Hkuku-kutar
Futamatsu                     F-kutar-martsku
Futami                            F-kutar-mku
Akutagawa                  Ar-kutar-garkukuar
Yoneta                Kukuon-kutar
Itagaki                                Kutar-garkuku
Itazaki                                Kutar-zarkuku
Ukita                        Kuku-kutar
Kitabatake                  Ku-kutar-bartarkuku

First Names
Tokutako*                     To-kutar-kuo
 Tsunetake             Tskun-kutar-kuku
Atsutada                   Arts-kutar-dar
Yoritada             Kukuoar-kutar-dar
Yoshitaka         Kukuosh-kutar-kuar
Shigetane              Shkug-kutar-nku

Dimitri                     Dkum-kutar-ku

Demetrius              Dkum-kutar-kukus
Nicetas                    Nkuc-kutar-s 

Etain                                    Kutar-kun

These family and first names carry the teuta sub-group (kutar). They would be descended of the kutar sub-group.

     Kutar                     Tku
         |                           |

Utara (indonesian): North.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

More Power: Magic with a Price

Why should a Wizard wait for nine experience levels just to create a wand because they cannot cast twenty magic missiles in a day from first level? Artefacts come to mind as a reusable power investment by immortals, and the vaguaries of sentient swords suggest these are immortals in artefact form. So why not something useful? A hundred thousand experience points are required to invest a mere 10pp required to produce a first level wizard spell in an artefact that recharges in turns, not daily. 
So lets suggest that entities with power are quite capable of investing their power in turning wizards into living Artefacts so that even the Apprentice magicuser Shaan can make a sacrifice and gain more power. Now your magicuser can do the bidding of some enthropic immortal, betraying the old wizard who has taken forever to teach you how to cast read magic.
Your Magicuser, in pouring through old texts, discovers that taking Religion as a Skill allows you to gain the attention of dark immortals quite capable of investing real power in your apprentice magicuser, but it comes at a cost.

Skill: Religion
From first level you can gain ten first level spell slots but they come with a handicap and a penalty from the artifacts creation section of the D&D Master black boxed set. You can wind up with physical deformities or any other burden, but its worth it for powers that can recharge in hours.

 Spell level slots         10  
 Handicaps                    1 
 Penalties                       1

You pray to demogorgon for an investment of power in you...and your spine begins to deform.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Map of the Week: when a treasure map doesnt look like one

A tree trunk with strange blood red runes...

Free Stuff: a lifeboat in an emergency

I was thinking, since the quake and tidal wave of 2012 in Japan, why are cars not being designed to be lifeboats? Maybe with a giant expandafoam pack roof so a giant structure forms to indicate its location, protect the vehicle as a barrier as expanding foam in a shaped bag forming catamaran hulls drop from each side so it becomes a gondola hanging below a catamaran of foam in a bag.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Naval Contemplation: The Naval Battle of 1905

The magnificent victory achieved by the Japanese in the straits of Corea on Saturday and Sunday has been won almost exactly a hundred years after Nelson's great victory at the battle of Trafalgar, which was fought on October 21, 1805. There are many points of similarity between these two great naval engagements. Nelson's triumph at Trafalgar came at one of the most critical conjunctures in english history. It destroyed Napoleon's bold, ambitious, and far reaching plans and gave us command of the sea. Which we have never lost. Togo's victory has come to Japan as Nelson's did to england a hundred years ago.-viz., as a crowning mercy in a time of great anxiety. Were she beaten at sea, Japan would have lost the fruits of nearly all her victories and sacrifices in the land campaign. Japan's whole future depended on the result of this naval battle. Togo has been equal to the occasion. Just as Nelson baffled Napoleon by defeating Villeneuve, so Togo has destroyed the last hope of the Russians by annihilating Rojestvensky's fleet. In view of this comparrison it is worth recalling the details of the battle of Trafalgar. Enemy's force:- French vessels, 18; Spanish vessels, 15; total 33. British vessels, 27. Losses-France, Spain, 19 ships captured, sunk, or destroyed.
-Evening Journal, Adelaide, South Australia, Saturday 8, July 1905

Source: Australian National Library

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Weird Realms: The origin of the Minotaur

Minotaur (Mkunotarkuar). First off we know the Ta- phonetic is associated with post exodus religious artefacts so the Minotaur is effectivly a religious object. However what we might think was Mino-taur (the minoan bull) is Mkun-otar-kuar in an older form.

This Sounds like a celtic name. We know that thanks to a minoan piece of jewelery they are in conflict with kilt-wearing celts.

Otar is a Georgian individual name. And like banshee we see family name first, individual name second in an asian, eastern european style.

This is a little more 'asian'. Kuar is Sikh for crown prince (or princess) and is added to the end of a name so we know it is correctly positioned.

So they kept this eastern Celtic Prince in a cage for arena or religious entertainment. In time the bull-headed monster of religious significance replaces the royal hostage. Anyone wondering where Crown Prince Otar Mkun vanished to, he was held hostage by the Minoans and treated like an animal for their entertainment.

Angry Mob: Death to the Minoans!